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February 2006
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FEBRUARY 8, 2006
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I was commissioned to bake for the Super Bowl party held at the home of my singles’ club president. But the committee, to save the money had me make only the sheet cake, decorated to look like a football field. I used red icing, since it was the fortieth game; the symbol was rubies, which are red. To acknowledge the teams involved, I melted and molded candy in letters which spelled the teams’ names, and stood the candies upright at opposite goal ends of the cake. Sorry, I did not watch the game; I follow football only when the Super Bowl teams are determined.

On Saturday the 4th, the Food cable-TV network showed a wedding-cake competition. I’ve always found wedding cake to be most ostentatious in terms of embellishments; sometimes I reproduce cake-decorating features in the decorations for my costumes. I saw how the competitors struggled to transport their cakes to the site, how some competitors had to finish the decorating in the last couple of hours before judging, how some entries suffered mishaps in transit, and how competitors fretted over the slightest errors they made when doing last-minute decorating. As a costume maker, I go through many of the same ordeals. I’m always worried that when I’m being judged for attire as well as performance, the attire isn’t absolutely adherent to very unwritten rule about assembly techniques, decorating style, appropriateness of raw materials, placement of motifs, completeness of job, etc. The cake judges moved in very close to the cakes, and researched for faults, imperfections, rather than for appreciation of the artistry. I’ve been in Halloween and Christmas parades in which my costumes were incomplete in the ornamentation, and I feared the judges might peer really closely to check for flaws.

On Monday the 6th, I finally did something I haven’t done since ’99 – a Dracula dance performance! I had to negotiate with the local TV show “Top of the Morning” in Baltimore to make sure the episode would be aired for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day is the 75th anniversary of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula movie! I danced The Dracula Archives, which showed Dracula’s real story followed by his metamorphosis into the obvious vampire.

In 1981, to mark the 50th anniversary of the movie, I danced Dracula in the central libraries of Philadelphia and Las Vegas on February 14th and 15th respectively. They also marked the historical Dracula’s 550th birthday. This time I had contacted Philadelphia about the 75th, but they did nothing! This Baltimore TV show was the only opportunity I could wangle this time. I have less money now than I did in 1981 so that I could not contact, let alone perform in, far-distant sites.

If I get to do Dracula other times this year, the emphasis would be more on the real side rather than the fictional one. The real Dracula was born in 1431; this year is his 575th!

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