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August 2006
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Baby Parade, Manhattan Cable, Dracula and Supergirl
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August 20, 2006

Over the past 10 days I had several appearances, one of them a very crucial anniversary.

On the 10th I was in Ocean City, NJ for their Baby Parade. It’s the biggest and oldest in the country, but it has much more than babies. It allows children up through age 12 to walk the boardwalk, accompanied by their families. There are also a few marching bands, floats and guest celebrities. This was one rare occasion in which I did not play a character. I processed as myself, but still wore one of my self-made costumes. I used a yellow gown that was decorated with ancient Greek-Roman motifs.

Sunday the 13th was my birthday. I was able to show my self off in that I was in a Puerto Rican parade held in Atlantic City. Again, I was myself and wore a self-made yellow gown. Why yellow, you might ask, for both occasions? Yellow is my favorite color, ever since I was very little!

After the parade, I went home and had birthday dinner with my folks. I made sure to supply a birthday cake – pound cake with chocolate icing. The most important of my presents was white fabric that I need to make a gown that will have mostly satin-stitch embroidery rather that cross-stitch for a gown Im currently making.

On Wednesday the 16th I went to New York to appear on Checkerboard Kids, a Manhattan Cable show I hadnt been on, I think, two years. The 16th was very crucial in that it was fiftieth anniversary of the death of veteran horror-movie actor Bela Lugosi. Naturally, I danced Dracula.

I had the TV studio get hold of a large table, which they draped over to make it my coffin from which I rose! And in the second number, when I was making the symbolic change from historic to fictional Dracula, I vocalized in the grip of my seizure. The vocalizing was carryover from when I took dance lessons, more than 30 years earlier, with the Group Motion Dance Company; they emphasized vocalization (not spoken words) as well as bodily movement.

Friday the 18th I was in Ocean City again for the finale of Weird Contest Week. I did Supergirl
Once Weird Contest Week is past, it feels as though summer is over. Though summer doesnt officially end until about September 20, it feels over for me once the above series is past. I have no more Shore appearances until late September.

Elvis, Groucho and Bella Lugosi
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Suzanne would like everyone to know that even though August 16 is usually remembered as the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, there were some other important artists that died around that time in 1977. Suzanne believes that these artists do not get the acknowledgement they deserve.

Groucho Marx - August 19, 1977 (three days after Elvis died)
Zero Mostel - September 8, 1977
Leopold Stokowski - September 13, 1977
Maria Callas - September 16, 1977
Bing Crosby - October 14, 1977

Another important thing to remember is that August 16, 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Bella Lugosi. In his honor, Suzanne will be appearing tonight on Manhattan Cable Access as the guest on the Checkerboard Kids Program. Suzanne will be dancing her Dracula dance.

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