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Memorial Day Parade
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June 1st

Memorial Day was another big trip for me, although not nearly as far distant or as long as my West Coast trip had been. I was to go to Falls Church, Virginia-about 15 miles west of DC to be in a Memorial Day parade.

I’ve been in this parade every year since 1990-except for 1993 when I didn’t have enough money. I always use Amtrak to get there. I start from Philadelphia and go as far as New Carrollton, Maryland, where the Orange Line of DC’s Metro system begins, and use the Orange Line to get to Falls Church. The subway stations in that system are much cleaner and brighter than Philadelphia’s and New Church.

My costume was the one-shouldered Grecian gown I had made with a lot of silver decorations as well as little gold. I also wore the silver lame cape I used in 1989 for Underdog’s 25th anniversary. Why so much silver? This parade was the 25th Memorial Day Parade, so I had to be symbolically dressed.

I was well received by the observers, but I had no way of knowing if any of them had seen me on Jimmy Kimmel, because no one made any Kimmel-related remarks. On the contrary, there were still some perverts, about a dozen, needling me about Howard Stern! Even with his decline to satellite radio, and my having been on Jimmy Kimmel, a few nasty perverts still chose to stick thorns in my side! New wounds over old ones!

It was also disheartening that despite sixteen times in this parade, I still didn’t win a trophy. I was in the walking category, but no consideration was taken for individuals vs. big groups. I had better luck in some New Jersey Christmas parades who included a category “Individual or Small Group.”

The same way I had done aboard the planes, I sought a window seat aboard both my trains. In returning, I saw dense woods along side the tracks most of the time. When returning from the Baltimore Christmas Parade in December along this same route, night has come by that time so that I couldn’t see street or house lights due to all those woodlands. I had my cross-stitch rose embroidery project with me to keep busy while on the move.

At the end of next week I have another big trip-to Atlanta Film Festival where my documentary is scheduled to be shown on June 10th!

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