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Baby Parade, Manhattan Cable, Dracula and Supergirl
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August 20, 2006

Over the past 10 days I had several appearances, one of them a very crucial anniversary.

On the 10th I was in Ocean City, NJ for their Baby Parade. It’s the biggest and oldest in the country, but it has much more than babies. It allows children up through age 12 to walk the boardwalk, accompanied by their families. There are also a few marching bands, floats and guest celebrities. This was one rare occasion in which I did not play a character. I processed as myself, but still wore one of my self-made costumes. I used a yellow gown that was decorated with ancient Greek-Roman motifs.

Sunday the 13th was my birthday. I was able to show my self off in that I was in a Puerto Rican parade held in Atlantic City. Again, I was myself and wore a self-made yellow gown. Why yellow, you might ask, for both occasions? Yellow is my favorite color, ever since I was very little!

After the parade, I went home and had birthday dinner with my folks. I made sure to supply a birthday cake – pound cake with chocolate icing. The most important of my presents was white fabric that I need to make a gown that will have mostly satin-stitch embroidery rather that cross-stitch for a gown Im currently making.

On Wednesday the 16th I went to New York to appear on Checkerboard Kids, a Manhattan Cable show I hadnt been on, I think, two years. The 16th was very crucial in that it was fiftieth anniversary of the death of veteran horror-movie actor Bela Lugosi. Naturally, I danced Dracula.

I had the TV studio get hold of a large table, which they draped over to make it my coffin from which I rose! And in the second number, when I was making the symbolic change from historic to fictional Dracula, I vocalized in the grip of my seizure. The vocalizing was carryover from when I took dance lessons, more than 30 years earlier, with the Group Motion Dance Company; they emphasized vocalization (not spoken words) as well as bodily movement.

Friday the 18th I was in Ocean City again for the finale of Weird Contest Week. I did Supergirl
Once Weird Contest Week is past, it feels as though summer is over. Though summer doesnt officially end until about September 20, it feels over for me once the above series is past. I have no more Shore appearances until late September.

8 Responses to “Baby Parade, Manhattan Cable, Dracula and Supergirl”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    I heard you on Howard Stern recently. For Labor Day weekend, they are playing stuff from their archives. You called up and went on that long tirade. Hey, it makes for great laughs though. Keep being yourself and everything will be just fine.
  2. Tony Says:
    Please go back on the Howard Stern Show you where great. You are the best on it!
  3. Anonymous Says:
    luved u on howard , underdogg
  4. nick Says:
    have no fear! loved you also on sirius.
  5. Timmy the Cat Says:
    You were one of my favorite guests on the Howard Stern Show. I don’t think you have an appreciation for how many lives you touched with your art as a result of going on the show.
  6. hilarleo Says:
    Timmy! He said it so well! Susan we love you;-) but you are so far out on the “leading edge” and it will be a lo-o-0ng time before your place is properly appreciated. Unfortunatley, you will never get greater exposure than that of super promoter Stern. Apparently, his interest is lasting and grows. But Susan, _You_ are also an American Original! YOU are potentially such a strong guest to Stern that _you_ CAN DICTATE TERMS of any future appearances. He even pays some guests and now gives them their own hour shows. You could even be an EXCELLENT and powerful air personality in your own right, once you learned to balance your own competing interests with the massive Stern energy machine- You need an agent that you can work with to help the both of you; I am happy Howard brought you to us, your national audience. But you could bring us so much more, Susan, with his potential for worldwide promotion and exposure. Howard would easily deem you worthy of an hour’s interview at a time- if you would learn to handle him right. This means growing skin as thick as a rhinocerous’, Susan. And you could gain much yourself. Your energy is to heal that kind of despair in our ciies which you have already seen in the “lowest common denominator” kind of American audiences. But you have not yet begin to reap all the potential and benefits of the national attention. Remember - ALL publicity is GOOD publicity; All attention is GOOD and good for you in the promotion of the arts and sacred principles. Undoubtedly Howard has re-written the rules of the Public Relations game; but truth justice and right will not be conquered. Do not hide our lights under a basket!! Please Explore the vast challenges and opportunities offered to you. Thanks Susan !! leo
  7. butch pope Says:
    susan; you must push howard stern for your own show. I for one would be an avid listener. I am influential and could probably help you gain notoriety with my ilk. communicate with me and we will talk further. i will be a the opening of your movie and would not miss it for the world. i understand that your cat needs a shot. please let me hear from you my nickname is underdog and i think the coincidence is amazing and feel a great tie to you due to our names. please communicate with the other underdog. B. Pope
  8. Jeanne Huckins Says:
    Susan, You are possibly the greatest mind since Fellini. Some times Howard Stern is a bit rude but the exposure he gives you is a big plus. Please, for those of us that can’t attend your film, return to Howard. I would love to hear more from you. We have a wonderful 4th of July parade here in Mendocino Ca. that I would fly you to if you are at all interested. Please let me know. Best wishes. Jeanne