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Back To School - Suzanne Style
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September 1, 2006

Once September begins, it means the end of summer, although summer is not officially over until about the 20th. But it’s the end of fun times and back to school for millions of children and teenagers.

I always was depressed when I had to go back to school, because it meant being saddled with a multitude of topics, and being pestered by parents and teachers to get good grades. Some topics, I had more trouble with than others, but I was pressured to excel in all of them. I always was told I had a big enough brain to be a genius, but never made the honor roll. I was castigated for failure to do so.

But what I hated the most about returning to school is that it meant encountering discourteous students who gave me a bad time and made trouble for me. I would be repeatedly told, “Ignore them, and they’ll stop bothering you,” but results were not what I was told they would be! The higher in grade levels I ascended, so did the bullies, who became more resourceful in course of time so that their misdeeds increased in cruelty. It was most nightmarish in college, because I had to live on the campus during the week. Those students allegedly were grown up, and had access to me day and night. But their misdeeds were abominable, and when I reported them to the faculty, instead of acting grown up and accepting their penalties, these malefactors called me “big baby” and threatened to do me in! These wrongdoers were not expelled from school for their atrocities.

I’ve stated before that these bullies deserve to be severely punished later in life, when they last expect it - most likely in that their children will be bullies, so that they, the previous bullies now parents, will have to take action and be forced to remember their previous misdeeds!

3 Responses to “Back To School - Suzanne Style”

  1. Fleshink Says:
    Very insightful indeed. I understand where your coming from.
  2. jessica Says:
    Did you go to Stonybrook? I’d stay there during the week and go home on weekends too.
  3. Jess Rigby Says:
    I know what you mean Suzanne. Luckily we all have people liek our parents and siblings that can get us through those tough times. Even heros like underdog or Howard Sterns Fartman help in times when we need a little cheering up or positive support