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September 11 2006
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The month of September brings several anniversaries. Star Trek fans worldwide will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original TV show. September 9th also marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Carolyn Muldowney, my paternal grandmother. September 6th thru10th marks the 550th anniversary of the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, being crowned prince the second time.

Of course there is the fifth anniversary of 9-11. When I first found out about the attacks, I thought it was a case of domestic terrorism, like the Oklahoma City bombing. But when I found out the 9-11 attacks had been masterminded by foreigners, from the Middle East, I felt we were in for still more trouble. I remembered a 1998 made for TV movie, Earthquake in New York, which depicted the Empire State Building collapsing in the same manner as the Twin Towers. I regretted that I did not have real superhuman powers so that I could rescue people in need.

If the real Dracula were still alive, he could take deserving action by impaling masterminds of 9-11. What a gruesome and symbolically appropriate deed to have those devils on display, writhing and screaming in agony, on the sites of the Pentagon, the former World Trade Center, and the place in Pennsylvania where United 93 crashed. In order to honor that day I baked a memorial cake.

If any of you are going to gatherings held on the 11th you should see if organizers are doing any commemorative actions. While a moment of silence is no doubt respectful, you might suggest that five minutes of silence are observed. One minute for each of the five years that have passed since that dreadful day.

51 Responses to “September 11 2006”

  1. a fan Says:
  2. hilarleo Says:
    I too am intruiged by the commemorative possibilities of a decorated dessert created & designed by such a creative as susan - leo
  3. Anonymous Says:
    I too believe that Dracula would be able to take down Osama Bin Laden.
  4. Steve From Pittsburgh Says:
    I enjoy what you do and AND a Howard Stern fan. I heard you on his show and I think you are fascinating and great, seriously. Anybody who says anything bad to you is an ass, and no matter what, will say “shitty” things. So forget about those dicks, they are faggits anyway. I love what you do, so keep doing it.
  5. Jon Says:
    You’re a great Underdog .
  6. Bob of Bowey Says:
    Underdog , you rule.
  7. Keith Keller Says:
    Dear Suzanne, Keep believing the way you do as you have a BEAUTIFUL heart and pure spirit. I have heard about you and your cause but really haven’t had the chance to here YOU speak until today on the Howard Stern show and I really gained allot of respect for you. I thought your interview was very interesting because you and Howard were very PEACEFUL and respectful of topic. If only you would do more air time so the “underdog” message can get out, I think more people, like my self, would understand the peace you’re trying to bring to the world. I feel your pain for all the evil in the world as I to were impressed by God to make a change in my life to help others, Google my web site, And PLEASE email me your thoughts. Please understand the nature of my web site, I was inspired by God to send a message out about the Spirit of Christmas and then DEVOTE the REST OF MY LIFE to the less fortunate, hungry, and homeless. If you have any ideas that may help me please email me at my web site. My God continue to bless you and to grace you with His PEACE. Keith
  8. Anonymous Says:
    you are amazing cv
  9. bob from mn Says:
    You need to take some prozac, you sound sad, you need to have love in your life, you try to sound tough like you don’t care about anything. Why were you shouting at howard?
  10. Mike Says:
    Suzanne, I heard you on Howard today and I wanted to tell you the I think you’re something special. Don’t worry about Howard’s questions - he’s just curious because he’s never been exposed to someone with a heart as true as yours. Peace.
  11. BabaBooey Says:
    How big is your cape?
  12. Dan Says:
    Thank You. This is so cool If you can ever make a trip over here to the west to Ashland Oregon please let me know, WoW. I heard you on Howard today and your awsome
  13. Felix The Cat Says:
    Underdog, You are wonderful and I have missed you so. I saw the clip of your film and I plan to see it at the festival, so intriguing and mystical. Love your blog and hope to read lots more in the future. Maybe some stories of your cat…. You are my hero! Felix
  14. FMouie Says:
    Suzanne, I, too, am a fan of Stern. I know that you have confused feelings about him and the show, but please be assured, not all his fans want to tease or goof on you. I think that what you do is a great thing for you, and possibly, society in general. Your intentions are completely honorable and admirable. I’m very sorry for whatever sadness and pain you may have experienced when you were younger that inspired you to be somewhat reclusive, as you seem to be. You do seem like a sincere person with naught but goodness in your heart. I wish you the best of luck and long life.
  15. Yvonne Says:
    I heard you on Howard Stern today and I was very intrigued. I saw the the trailer to your film and I’m very impressed. I especially liked (I believe it’s) the Ice queen dance. Very cool! By the way huge fan of Underdog!
  16. KTOSI Says:
    Suzanne, As you can see from all the comments, including mine, your calls to the Stern show get you quite a bit of support and interest. I didn’t know of you until the show today, found your site via Google… You’re quite interesting, good luck with your movie and other endeavors.
  17. The real underdog Says:
    I am the real Underdog. You need to stop pretending to be me. I am a real super hero and you are just a mere mortal. You make a mockery of the real me and i will not stand for it any more. Woof Woof
  18. Jay Says:
    Suzanne…Very good interview with Howard today. He sounded very sincere in his questions, and, you were very honest. It was obvious that it must have been very hard for you to discuss your early life, yet you held yourself together very well. I wish you the best in your endeavors, and a healthy life.
  19. Macunitny Says:
    Hey Suzanne, I heard you on Howard Stern and two things: Either you are a very good person or a great actor. I think the first over the second. Best of luck to you and I leave you with this quote: “people who tell you not to take chances are missing the point of what life is all about
  20. Woof2 Says:
    Just wanted to say I have been a fan of yours for years. Pay no attention to the idiots of the world. What you give is what you get in this world. I heard you on Howard also. I am a fan of his as well. Suzanne if you read this know that there are people that enjoy your creativity. Much love, me
  21. justin Says:
    we love u underdog lady, shake those crazy legs.
  22. Gary Dellabate Says:
    Susan, Gary here. Great to have you on the show today. I was pleased with your interaction with Howard. Hope you get a good turnout for your documentary. If you want to get together for drinks or maybe some necking and heavy petting give me a call babe.
  23. TirdBuglar Says:
    Hi Suzanne_How are you? I really enjoy underdog immensely. I cant wait till you come to california and dance in our streets. We welcome you with opens arms. UNDERDOG!!!!
  24. Mytur Binsdurdee Says:
    Undergod, I am the person Howard mentioned that is dying to meet you. I am enthralled by your beauty and your cause. Please contact Howard so that he may forward me your contact info. Every Dog Has Its Day! Love Mytur
  25. Gorilla Says:
    You are not the only one who found Howard and Robin rather insensitive today, but you should know that they specialize in doing this. They rationalize their “piling on” by calling it “entertainment” and although it occasionally can seem to help out a person, just as often as not, these amateurish attempts to provoke something “for the listeners” is just very narcissistic and self-serving attempts at being cool which hurt someone’s feelings. Today was a demo of that with you and with a married couple who came on later. Congratulations to you for hanging in there. You know, you do NOT have to be abused anytime, but should you consiously choose to tolerate the show-business gauntlet of Howard+Robin, consider it a way of working out your own autonomic nervous system. Nietsche commented that whatever does not kill us, makes us stronger. So if you tolerated the unfeeling crassness of today’s interview, consider looking in the mirror and gently smiling at yourself. OK????
  26. David Quillinan Says:
    You are amazing….If you ever need a chef for anything please email me!!!! I’ve thought about you all day!!! Have a great day!!!
  27. steve Says:
    dear underdog lady, i have to admit the interview on howard stern today was great radio. you should open up more, You are actually very interesting
  28. Bill Says:
    Hi Suzanne, I enjoyed listening to your call on the Howard Stern show today. You should call in to the show on a regular basis so that the listeners can learn more about your work and upcoming events. Good luck with your documentary. I hope we hear from you more often. Is your documentary going to be available on DVD?
  29. Joe Says:
    You rock Underdog. I hope you’ll call Howards show more often and may’be appear at the studio over at Sirius.
  30. Jennifer Says:
    Dear Suzanne, I, like most of the others that have posted heard you today on the Howard Stern show. I think you’re great! I’m a 40 year old professional woman, the mother of 3 and happily married. Not all of Howard’s fans are 18 year old juvenile boys that want to harrass you! Your life is facinating. It would be great if you would appear more often of Howard’s show and open up! Your life seems very interesting. I honestly think that most of Howard’s fans hope that you are at peace and happy. I don’t know Howard but I think he sincerely is interested in you and in your life and so are we the fans! I can’t wait to see your movie. However, I do think that you should have been monetarily compensated for this and I hope that you weren’t taken advantage of. All of the BEST to you!
  31. Scott from PA Says:
    I think your a courageous woman and I hope you find happiness within yourself. Because you can be loved and as my mom always said “there is a lid for every pot” God Bless!!
  32. DB from FL Says:
    Underdog, I enjoyed listening to you on Howard 100 today. You seem like you have a good person with a good heart. Good luck trying to achieve immortality. It seems like a noble goal. I plan to achieve a form of immortality by having my ashes turned into a diamond. Hopefully you will call in to Howard’s show more often as you are a very interesting and unique character. I will probably check out your film.
  33. Anonymous Says:
    Hey were can I get free rabies shot for my cat?
  34. STErn FAN69 Says:
  35. Allison Stern Says:
    Suzanne, You are the reason why Howard and I seperated. Damn YOU! Allison Stern
  36. Fireball Says:
    Susan: I did not know that u where alive till I heard of u at the Howard Stern show .I found ur sites and Iam verry impress w/your art ,I live in seattle and can wait to watch your movie out here. Iam 2 a fan of Underdog thank you for makeing us remember that we where kids .
  37. Woof with the Bears Says:
    Underdog, I am intrigued by watching the trailer to your documentary. It seems that the reason you dance as these different characters is because you want to be remembered after you die? You could easily achieve that by becoming a full wack packer on howard stern or you could have achieved that as most people do by having children to carry on their legacy after death. I wish you would explain yourself more or if I could get into your head because I am so fascinated by you. I want to know why you never had sex or persued romantic relationships. I want to know what significance these characters really have in your life. There is no reason for you to be so skittish when talking to Howard and there’s no reason for you to get so upset when being called “Underdog Lady.” You aren’t underdog himself, you’re a woman who portrays Underdog through interperative dance. Ah, I don’t know. I’m hoping you explain yourself more in your documentary though I doubt it considering your reluctance to open up about anything on the Howard Stern show. Please go in studio one day and just have a serious interview with Howard. Answer his questions honestly even the ones about sex. Sex in all forms is a beautiful thing and one of the many facets to having a whole life. There is no reason for someone not to enjoy all that life has to offer. - Woof
  38. Anonymous Says:
    Hurray for UNDERDOG LADY!
  39. dick Says:
    Underdog Lady you are fascinating. I love you on Howard Sterns show, don’t be so hard on yourself.
  40. Glenn Says:
    Hi Suzanne, I like most others became familiar with you on Stern’s show. I always thought you are an interesting and talented person. Abandon your infatuation with cakes and confections and turn to a largely vegetarian, sugar free diet and you will glow with natural beauty again. I love the earlier pictures of you and are concerned about the more recent ones, I’m 52 and have my own recovery story, I hope the best for you…….Glenn in Miami
  41. George Thompson Says:
    Keep up the good work sweetheart! I will be listening for you on Sterns show. Hope to hear you again soon. I always love when you are on, but I am not sure why you hung up last time. Best of luck, hope the film does great, you are a truely talented person
  42. Zelly Rosen Says:
    Suzanne. I was soo happy to hear your voice again!!! I am a listener of the Stern show, and i agree with the other fans that a lot of us really like you. I think that you misunderstand Stern too, he only wanted to make sure you were happy and extend his warmth. Please come on the show again soon.
  43. Sternfan Says:
    Susan I would have never known who you were unless it were for the Stern Show this week. Thank you for your appearence, amazing Radio, you are a really interesting person and I would love to hear more.
  44. Stevve Says:
    Can you set me up with Polly Purebread?
  45. Jeff Says:
    Suzanne, you are living your dream. Few people are brave enough to do that! I respect you for your purity of vision. I am grateful to Howard Stern for leading me to your website. I hope to see the documentary!
  46. Sally D. Fieldson Says:
    Underdog is wonderful. Your dance brings back the joy that I felt as a child watching the underdog cartoon. Hearing you on Howard Stern Sirius show made me upset however. Why were you so sad and timid? Be strong Suzanne, you have many fans and Howard is a great person, please dont say negative things about him. Stay positive, keep up the good work, and keep on shining, thats what underdog would do, and thats why we love you!
  47. Sara Says:
    Suzanne, I cannot wait to see your movie. Few people EVER have the courage to chase their dreams with the ferocity and intensity that you have. Hold your head high and be proud. And remember that those who try to hurt you are not worth the tears you’d waste on them. Its clear from reading your comments that those who appreciate what you do FAR outnumber the idiots… tho it appears they too chose to speak their peace. Best of luck to you! I will be seeing you on the big screen. Very best wishes, Sara
  48. James Lafforgue Says:
    Suzanne hope to Hear you on the Howard Stern show again soon!!! It was great to hear your voice again after all these years. Although you hung up on Stern before we all could find out if you were well, I hope that you are. I have always admired your courage and skill. Hope to hear you again soon. Best wishes
  49. Lee Thompson Says:
    Suzanne I just heard you on reply on the Stern show. thanks for actually calling in again. I just want to know if everything is ok, you seemed to be really scared of being on the air. And why not take the free breast implants or Lyposuction? That was an amazing offer! Besides to make it in this business you need all the help you can get, not that you dont deserve it. Ill be listening for more updates.
  50. Xion84 Says:
    SUZANNE I WAS SO HAPPY TO HEAR YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I thought you sounded a little sad so I felt compelled to tell you that you are LOVED by many. I wish I had a strong dream like you and your courage. Keep up the good work
  51. Keith Keller Says:
    Dear Suzanne, First of all I would like to wish you and your loved ones a healthy, prosperous, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! The last time I wrote to your blog was on October 5,2006. I was the 7th person to write to your blog, Keith Keller. I’ve been check your web site and blog from time to time, but all has been quiet for a while … hope everything is going well for you. But the time has come to write to you again. I was inspired and impressed to do so because of Xion84, the 50th person who wrote to your blog on October 8, 2006. This person’s words to you were, “I wish I had a strong dream like you and your courage”. I believe that’s one of the highest compliments that you can receive form a fan… you have arrived! Believing in that statement, I must write to you asking for YOUR help and encouragement. Like you, I have a dream and I truly believe I was inspired by God to do so as you well know if you went to my web site that I offered to you on October 5th’s blog entry. I just finished writing a letter to Gary Dell’Abate, to forward to Howard Stern asking for his help publicizing my web site on his show. If you find it with in your heart and feel my spirit, I ask you with my pure heart and good intentions if you could do me a favor and please call Howard and ask him to consider reviewing my web site and helping my cause. You know when you call they stop the show for you, and put your call directly to Howard. You TRULY have gained Howard’s respect, and are definitely in the inner circle of his show any time you call. I will speak for my self, and probably for many others. I would LOVE to here from you as it’s been a while from your last call to the show, if only to know that all is going well with you. PLEASE SAY YES !!!! I beg of you to consider my request and yes, this will benefit my web site but most important of all to change the course of my life. To be able to devote the rest of my life’s works to the less fortunate, hungry and homeless as I state in my web site and having my dream come true. Now having said all that I have to you, I thank you for your time and I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to thank you in person, and some how, some way have the opportunity to return the favor back to you! I would also like to thank you for hyper linking my web site, to my name at the beginning of my blog entry to you. That makes it MUCH easier for folks to go from your blog to my web site. Oh… one last exciting thing, If all goes according to planned, I’m giving away a total of $100,000.00 (one-hundred thousand dollars) to charity $25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand dollars) of that will go to the one individual that’s joins my Christmas Card List and gets the MOST referrals. So many people will benefit from this, PLEASE HELP! Well God’s blessings to you for now. Stay strong and true, Keith