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August 2020
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Perverts @ Fall Festival In Woodbury, NJ
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On October 7th I was in the annual Fall Festival Parade in Woodbury, New Jersey. Since this parade is always held on the first Saturday in October, it’s close enough to October 3rd or sometimes on October 3rd! – Underdog’s anniversary- that I always do Underdog for it. It’s also covered by local cable TV, so that I’m on TV when I reach the grandstand. Some emcees who are on call year after year are heard to say on video, “What would the parade be without Underdog?”

Unfortunately Woodbury is also probably the worst site for Howard Stern related harassment from discourteous spectators! Five or six, this time, there were whole groups of hecklers shouting with all their strength, and not a policeman in site! These perverts didn’t care that they were abusing their right of free speech, or that I risked being banned from future parades because of them! Two of these perverts were children, a guffawing girl who looked about fourteen, and a boy of no more that ten: this boy could not yet have been born when I appeared on Stern’s TV show.

Immediately ahead of me was a car containing three young beauty queens. Between the car and me was a walking couple. They took offense at my telling the harassers to stop, because the man bore down that I was scaring the youngest of the girls, who was his daughter, and who looked no more than six! He didn’t even care to hear my explanation which, if this couple had bothered to listen to, would have made their hair stand on end!

The police department in this town was very familiar with the harassment problem, it having existed since 1992! One officer pledged to keep patrol on me on his bike, but he didn’t followed through. Three times, when the procession was temporarily halted, I had to run to officers I caught sight of to point out harassers to them.

At the reviewing stand, where my performance really counted, hecklers were yelling even then and there, so that their cries were picked up by the TV crew to be heard any time someone reran the event! I could sense the stress and tension in my face when I was before the cameras because these perverts were rude and persistent.

Two brothers who live in my apartment complex are fans of mine, and had promised to serve as bodyguards for this event. But they did not follow through; I was in dire need of their assistance.

Sometimes I have been advised that hecklers do their business because I’m dressed as Underdog; I should dress differently at these sites. But that advice has proven futile: perverts continue to harass me about Howard Stern, even with his much smaller audience
On satellite radio, no matter how I’m dressed or when I am. Even when I’m in civilian clothes, some manner less rogues still make trouble for me.

6 Responses to “Perverts @ Fall Festival In Woodbury, NJ”

  1. K Says:
    I am sorry Suzanne. The masses often don’t understand what is right before their eyes. Most are followers and if one is behaving foolish, well… Please don’t let this dim your light. Keep it shining, esp. for those who don’t have the courage to face the crowd as you do.
  2. bill Says:
    Suzanne, Maybe you should try to just have a good time with the attention you have gotten from appearing on the Howard Stern show. Lighten up a little. I remember most of your appearances on the channel 9 show and the radio show, and I find you to be a very interesting person. Maybe if you tried to joke around a little with Howard, people would have a differant take on your performances, anyway, good luck, I wish you well.
  3. Jimmy B Says:
    I am sorry that you had problems from the discourteous spectators and guffawing idiots. Please dont let these ignorant spectators ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy your work. I hope you are able to ignore these discourteous spectators and push forward with providing enjoyment and excitement for the rest of us.
  4. Lee Jeffers Says:
    Suzanne, You are an amazing person but please hear me out. Howard Stern has introduced you to thousands of people please dont criticize him. you have to take the good with the bad. You have amazing talent, but seriously no one would know who you are without him letting you appear and giving you the chance to show you talent. He gave you the means to your end, and now you criticize him. You have to realize this and realize that every star deals with paparazzi and such when they make it. They complain but how much simpathy can you really give someone who has achieved that level of publicity. Even the most well liked star has people who heckle them and gets bad press, that is just the way it is. Please please dont bite the hand that feeds you. honestly you are an amazing person, and unfortunatly most pepole dont have the great chance to prove themselves. You did and you achieved. By the mere fact that a teenager knew of you at that point means that you have achieved the recognition that you have always dreamed of. You will not be forgotten and again you really owe Stern a lot. I do not always like what he says, but i have to give him credit for introducing Suzanne to the world and making her a star overnight. Take this to heart please, I wish you the best and sincerely hope that you do well with all your ventures. I also hope that you reconsider your relationship with Stern, as you must realize how he has helped you and how it is wrong to critize anyone, especially since you appeared on his show after all these years you must know he has helped. I am sorry for all the hecklers, but i wish that that many people knew my name, unlike you I will probably leave this world without a legacy. Best wishes.
  5. Juliette Rosen Says:
    Hey babe just checking in. Hope all is well happy Halloween!!!
  6. beatrice Says:
    Suzanne, After 15 years I moved out of Woodbury. That town is full of ignorant, welfare loving bottom dwellers. I visit the parade in Woodbury from time to time and was pleased this year to see that you were still there. I witnessed the crowd heckling you and cannot understand why you would return year after year to put up with that abuse. I don’t think the heckling in Woodbury is a Howard Stern thing I think it’s a low class Woodbury thing. That town is full of thugs and hoochies going nowhere. Best of luck!