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Soon it’ll be Halloween!
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On Sunday the 15th I’m going to Baltimore to be on a TV show Children’s Corner. It’s handled by the same people who make the other show, Top of the Morning.
I’ve been asked to do Underdog, but I’ll also be doing Spectrum the Ghost King in conjunction with Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, soon it’ll be time to start my tour of Halloween parades! This year I have eight altogether. I’m using a number of different costumes among these parades. Some costumes I have to decide on in advance, since I have to fill out applications ahead of time. Other times there is no registration until the day of the event, and I choose my costume depending on weather.

During the warmest weather I can wear costumes that sometimes bare the neck and shoulders, without a conspicuous covering. But in the cooler temperatures I wear capes with the staple garments. The colder the temperature, the more covering I need, with thermal underwear when it’s really cold. No doubt when we went trick-or-treating as children, we chose store-bought costumes we liked; but the costumes offered no protection from cold, and we had to wear coats or jackets that concealed the costumes! The coats clashed with the costumes rather than complimented them. When I make my costumes, I thing about what time of year I’ll be using them. If a staple garment by itself is not enough protection from the elements, I also make an outer wrap which blends with, compliments, the basic garment. Most Halloween parades take place after dark, when the temperatures are not as warm as in midday. But there are two which are in the daytime.
In two of the Halloween parades, I’ll be doing Dracula. No, not the vampire - the real Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler! I may have mentioned before that since he was born in 1431, this year he is 575 years old! In both the sites, there are reviewing stands, the emcees will be provided speeches that will alert everybody about the milestone birthday and who I’m supposed to be.

The last of the Halloween parades is on Halloween night itself; that ‘s in Toms River, New Jersey. It’s the second largest Halloween parade in the country, topped only by Greenwich Village in New York! But it would be very difficult for me to get to and from the New York site, and still get back to the Jersey Shore where I’ll be staying for the nights of the 30th and 31st. Toms River is rather easily reachable by public transit. Since the parade is on Halloween itself, I’ll be doing Spectrum; I’ll also be doing him on the 26th, in Ocean City.

Since Ebony, my cat is black, she is perfect for Halloween! Unfortunately, the buses and hotels I have to use will not allow her to accompany me. For most of the parades, I’ll be commuting to and from the sites, but for the 30th and 31st I’ll be boarding the cat with my vet. Only last week, my hometown held a free rabies clinic. Ebony was due for a rabies shot; now she is vaccinated for next three years.

I am not debuting any new costumes for the Halloween parades. But I’m still working hard on a costume I’m planning to use for most of the Christmas parades. And after the first of the year, I have plans for several new outfits; I’ve already purchased some of the fabric since they were on special in craft store chains.

3 Responses to “Soon it’ll be Halloween!”

  1. Jimmy B Says:
    Hi Suzanne. I am a big fan of yours. Your work is to be admired and unfortunately, not enough people realize how important your work is. I know what you mean about having to wear a coat over our Halloween costumes. I used to hate that as a child. It is good that you have different ways to deal with the weather. Being as though you chose and design your costumes based on the weather shows that you are a true professional. Good luck with your future endeavors and parades. I wish you were going to be in a parade in Maryland. I would like to see you perform. Please let me know via email if you intend on doing any performances in Maryland. Thank you. Have a great day!
  2. Juliette Rosen Says:
    Hey Suzanne whats the deal? how you doing? I never hear you anymore. Love Kim
  3. Lee Jeffers Says:
    Suzanne, I took offense to your comments about Howard Stern, it is not nice to take shots at people. That is of course why you are angry with him in the first place because people take shots at you. I know you are better than this, take the high road. Either dont mention him or deal with him, or do. Despite your dislike and his smaller audience as you pointed out unrightfully, you still appeared on his show, and judging from the upsurge in attention to your blog, it has gained you some attention. From what i have read it seems like most comments are positive and that is great, however you have expressed some concern about hecklers. Now you could take this two ways, one being that you have gained a lot of attention to your work and that you have been able to bring your talent to countless people. Or that the attention is not worth it, and you dont care about the attention as long as you can do your work unfettered and unannounced. Please dont keep us in limbo, or yourself, you deserve better and deserve peace. Once you realize that there is some bad with every good, and accept that hecklers are just immature I think that you will rest easier. Just know that you have reached some of us and you do have a lot of support though be are not the type to yell and cause a scene, we are the people who are just smiling because of the joy and clean talent you bring to us and your childen. So although you might not see us or notice us, we are still here and appreciate you!