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Ocean City screening & Cape May Film Festival
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On November 4th, my documentary was shown in Ocean City, NJ in the Music Pier, which is built on a structure that juts over the ocean like a stuck-out tongue. Mark Soifer, the Director of public Relations, arranged the event. So many people showed up that we had two showings. The first group cheered and applauded enthusiastically, giving me a standing ovation, but the second group responded more quietly.

On November 18th we had another showing in Cape may as part of the New Jersey State Film Festival. This film festival had many showings in many different venues simultaneously: such a format reminded me of First Night on New Year’s Eve, with many performances happening in different locales simultaneously in the heart of town.

As in Ocean City, there were two showings. When the first show was finished I was called up front where the emcee presented me with a trophy for Artistic Excellence. I was so thrilled and honored! I’ll probably put that trophy on a shelf where I put awards for general performances rather than Underdog, even though a lot of the movie focuses on my Underdog appearances.

When the documentary is shown, there is always a question and answer period immediately after. I’m glad to answer questions and give insight, but in every place there are always young children, sometimes no more than 8 to 10 years old. I am worried about these children, because some Howard Stern related material is included in the documentary. I didn’t think such an inclusion was a wise idea. Young children who don’t know anything about this vulgar man are exposed to his profanity and exploitation of innocent victims when these children see my film. So I’m afraid the film will be branded unsuitable for very young children – who are likely hearing of Underdog for the first time.

Since the Cape may showing was on November 18th, and in midday, I was unable to appear in New Rochelle’s Thanksgiving Parade, which was that morning! I had to make sure I was still in good graces so that I’ll be welcomed back next year.

4 Responses to “Ocean City screening & Cape May Film Festival”

  1. joe s Says:
    you rock underdog
  2. JULIE M Says:
  3. Maureen G Says:
    The second group in Ocean City enjoyed veiwing the movie and were also very happy to interact with you. They were probably more restrained due to the fact that they were unable to be seated at the first showing and had to wait an one and a half hours to see the second showing–most of them spent the time on the Ocean City boardwalk and it was a pretty cold day. We loved seeing you too.Hope to see you in the OC parade this Saturday.
  4. Goose Says:
    I heard you on the Kid Chris Show…you are an interesting person..I may just have to see your film. It’s fun being an underdog, but one day even the underdog wins! You can quote me on that!